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My Brain is Moosh

This has been one of those days in which I am so tired and worn down.  I’ve been helping my old marching band and I feel the need to just get a few things off of my chest.  Usually I use my hubpages account when I have something that would make a great article, but I’m not entirely sure my rambles make a good read, and so they are more for me then for anyone else.

This is the life of John Preston Dennis.  The need to have so many various creative outlets.

I keep thinking in my mind how rich and successful I am, but I do get discouraged sometimes because honestly the money is not physically there yet.  I don’t tend to worry about money too much except for when I am in need of things such as a new pair of shoes or food.

And so I will be getting paid in a couple of days.  New pair of shoes…put $50 aside for my recording session in September.

With everything I do I seem to always feel the need to do more and more and more until I finally break down and come to the point of “loosing it” or “slightly loosing it.”

I have to keep my head up.  I have many ideas, but I want to get them all laid out in front of me (pick 1 or 2) and set the others aside.  I wanna go all the way.  I always have and I no longer accept the idea that I can not make a living writing music or being in business for myself.

Part of the battle is accepting myself and just doing it.

And so I have begun… and now I am literally getting everything that I want within reasonable limits.  (Those limits being positive….because life is worth living.)

Good night!