Lack of Passion

It’s strange to me how you could have so much love and passion for something and then years later it hardly interests you at all.  Or maybe it’s the thought that interests you but you can’t get anything done with that old talent of yours.


I used to love writing music, but the last several years have been the slowest in writing anything new.  When I come up with some new material it is short and I get stuck past a few bars or just a minute worth of music.  It’s frustrating.  I thought I would make a living writing music but I’m really unsure at this point.  I would like to have something else I enjoy as a moneymaker, but I just haven’t found anything.  Perhaps when I move to Atlanta…perhaps not.

At least I’m getting away soon…take a short break and maybe stumble across something.  My life needs meaning and purpose.  I like to be productive.  Right now I mainly lack passion.

There are a number of things that are bothering me right now, but I usually throw them to the side lest I be consumed with something I usually have little control over OR something I fucked up in the past that I have to deal with responsibly now.

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