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Keeping My Sanity

Vent time! ¬†ūüôā

Sometimes I am a bit over the top when it comes to my methods of living such as cleaning.  And sometimes I am a bit over the top when it comes to goal settings and things that I wish to do with my life.  Ideally, I would love for people to let me do as I please, but that is unrealistic and somewhat selfish.  Especially when you start getting in their way and their methods of doing things.

Sometimes you scream or yell at people when they get in your way. ¬†Not nice…but it happens. ¬†So, what I do is apologize and move on even if I feel not that¬†apologetic. ¬†I don’t like to be contentious but it happens and I get heated over the dumbest of things…but I guess they are not that dumb if I am passionate about them.

Sometime I hate my life and would like to get away from those around me. ¬†Start over new and get away. ¬† Not exactly realistic or a good thing to do, but when you get into it with let’s say your parents then sometimes they don’t want to get you the freedoms you deserve…or you think you deserve.

Sometimes I just think to myself:  Fuck It!

And yes, I realize this song isn’t very appropriate for this post, but this is what I am listening to now…feel good Disney music: