It’s Been a While

Well, I decided to finally log back into my old personal blog and do a post.  It’s been since 2012 since I’ve written anything!  Wow, how time flies!

I have quite an interesting life.  I now have lived in Atlanta, GA since 2013.  I went a time without working…but now I have a job that I’ve had since October of 2015.  I work for Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters…at the cat shelter.  I’m a kennel tech and yes I shovel cat poop with a litter scoop among other things.  I actually really enjoy my job!  I get a lot of exercise and I stay very busy.  I also work with a lot of great people and animals!

What can I say?  I’m a cat person.

I hope that as I write this new personal blog that it will inspire me to write more of my articles of Hubpages where I actually make a little money off of the ads and I get scored on my penmanship.  But honestly I love writing on my personal blog because there are no rules and I can write about what I like.  Not sure if anyone wants to read that but I have to say it doesn’t matter…I’ve been told having a personal blog can be therapeutic.

So, since the last time I blogged I got married!  (That’s good!  Real good!). My husband Eric is very wonderful.  He shows me the world in a different way and treats me pretty darn good.  He supports my various projects which is nice…including the fact that I am going back to school this fall!  (Yay!). I’ll be attending Georgia State University Perimeter College!  (Sweet!). I will only be taking one class so that I can ease my way back into things.  I’ve done college before and somehow I seem to overdo it, but hopefully not this time.  Also, I’m medicated.  (Yay!) …which I was not medicated during some of my previously failed attempts at college.  So, I am excited and proud of myself for taking my meds and staying for the most part balanced.

I signed up for school as a music major but I am seriously thinking about changing that.  We will see what I do after I talk to an advisor.  There are other things I am interested in doing…but all I have ever known is music.

Anyhow, I’m just going to stop there.  Thanks for reading!


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