My Goals for the Future

It’s my hope that I can finish composing Luminescence (the newest composition that is under construction) and also one other piece on piano.  If I can do that then I can put together recordings of most of my piano scores for an all piano album.  I’d like to call it:  Escape!  A Piano Fantasy

I want it to have 10 tracks.  I want it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

Thankfully I am feeling more motivated to compose.  I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I was feeling a bit “dried up” and “unmotivated”.  I’m feeling a little different now but still scared to proceed.  A little anxiety always tells me “your not going to be able to come up with anything new today” or even “you don’t feel like playing today.”  These are things I have to battle.

Music is my life…you can ask anyone at my work.  I carry my Beats pill around the shelter listening and sharing music all day.  I go to concerts.  I play saxophone in the GSU Perimeter College Wind Ensemble and I also sing in the GSU Perimeter Chorus.  I just started the chorus this semester and I think that it is helping me feel more inspired musically.  I want all of these things to inspire my work as a composer.

Composing music is my definite chief aim.  I enjoy the work and what I come up with.  I enjoy sharing that work with my family and friends…and maybe someday it will get shared with the world.  But the most important thing is the act of composing itself and enjoying that process.

I do have a few things that are bothering me…these are things I don’t feel comfortable sharing with everyone but I have a feeling they will all work out for the best.  I have to trust that I will make good decisions and make the decisions that will aid me in my quest to compose beautiful music.

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