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It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I have written a blog about my personal life. I’m happy to say that I am doing well. A few things have changed. I am now working full time at Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters…I am enjoying that and giving a lot of my time to that. Working at an animal shelter is a lot of work but it’s very rewarding and the fact is I like to stay busy.

As for music I finished “Long From Home” this year for the piano. I’m actually quite excited by how it turned out. I can only hope that I continue to improve with my lessons from Brent Milam who teaches at Georgia State University. I take private lessons (currently on Zoom) and it’s great because he lets me work at my own pace AND he keeps challenging me more and more. I recently started a new solo cello piece and I hope it turns out amazing AND that I can get connected with an awesome cello player to at least do a video recording of it for my YouTube channel.

I’m pretty happy in Georgia. I may be enjoying myself more now than ever. I’m happy how far I have come with my battle with Bipolar I Disorder. I’m taking much better care and sticking to a plan that includes medications that work for me. I struggle from time to time but I am in a much better place now thanks for my doctors and therapists I have worked with since 2013. If you are looking for a good organization that supports people with mental illness try giving a donation or do some research into NAMI.

As for good reads that I have been enjoying there is a little book called “How to Be Interesting” by Jessica Hagy. It’s a very light read but gets me thinking outside the box a little. I am also reading a book I picked up randomly at CVS called “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” by Amy Morin…it’s quite the interesting read and I love books that promote growth. I’m always looking for something to reach out and change the way I think about the world. The next book I’m going to take a whack at is “The War on Normal People” by Andrew Yang. Ever since he ran for president this year I have found that some of the stuff he stands up could make the world a drastically better place. He also has the concern for homelessness that I share. It’s not a problem I think can not be fixed.

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoy your day!

-J.P. Dennis