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Holding In While Pushing Out

So today once again I found myself removing certain blogs and postings over the internet.  I have to think to myself do people really need to know every detail of my personal life?  Am I ready for that to be out there?  Even if it is for just a couple of people.

I have to be careful with what I post but at the same time I do love getting comments and thoughts from strangers about how to handle such an interesting life such as mine.

I am tired of being tired and so I choose to be more energetic and yet that energy gets me in trouble over and over again.  I start doing things I really should not and even though they are not the worst things in the world they certainly are not the best.  However, I find that I really do a lot of good in the world.

Wednesday, I will be volunteering for the homeless cats again at Petco if everything goes well.  I have been earning some money mowing lawns and teaching piano.  It feels nice to have a few dollars and I am somewhat reluctant to even give it to anything but things that will give me instant gratification such as a movie or CD.

But I have to let go of that and just keep it simple.  What happens will happen and it’s time to move on and just simplify my life.  Perhaps it would be good to sit down and make a basic plan and then take those steps I need to take to slow the mind and empower the will that is to drive me to greater things.

Time to ease my mind…