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Good Place

Hello There!  Happy October!

Life has actually been really quite good for me recently.  Sure, there have been a few bumps but I feel I am arriving at a “Good Place”.  It’s seems that solutions to all of my questions and problems are now being manifested for the simple reason that I finally let some stress go and I’m starting to treat myself a little better.

I get concerned about my actions and words at times.  This past year I started a lot of different projects and was going in a lot of different directions, but that is okay because honestly I was just trying to make some money.  Money to support myself, get out of debt, and maybe help some friends along the way.  Money is such a fickle thing and there are times I put a lot of emphasis on it and other times that I do not.  For me, the most important thing is the well being of my family and friends.  (That includes me.)

I would say generally I am a happy person but I do take things too serious and let situations overwelm me.  This past week I let an English paper overwhelm me with so with much stress that I cracked because I just could not get my finger around it.  When I turned it in it was far from completion but I found out I was going to have the chance to rewrite it.  I was happy about that but I was also not happy that I had let myself get so consumed because I really wanted to make a good grade.  During that same class period my teacher gave us our midterm grades and I had a A-.  (And here I am about to stroke out over grades…uh!)

One of my goals in life is to be happy with what I get done no matter what my grade is and no matter what other people think of the quality of my work.  I want to be content and stress less…so that is what I am going to do.  That is why the last 2 days have been SO WONDERFUL.  I accept the perfectionist I am and I also accept the slow and steady pace of my work.



“I don’t know what I’m doing here.  How I landed in this space, but it’s a good place.” –  Good Place by David Archuleta

The Electronic Drug Fast

Sometimes I feel that life is just passing me by, which it is.  But what I feel sometimes is that things are happening so fast that I can’t get a grip on the current.  It seems like every time I get something down something else comes into plays and throws things totally out of whack.  Sometimes it is for the better and sometimes it is not.

I wonder though if I could just take a breather for a moment and make the Earth slow down.  Maybe quiet down all the distractions and just focus on what is truly important in life.

About a month ago I got angry and broke my cell phone in half.  I needed a break from people having to get hold of me for every little thing.  I even deleted my facebook page for a day and some of my friends were not happy so I reactivated it.  But do I have to make everyone happy all the time?  No, not really.

So, I am considering doing a special week fast.  Maybe starting next week.  At first I thought I would do facebook fast, but now I kind of want to do an Electronic Drug Fast.  (funny name huh?)  It would last for 7-days and I would not get on a cell phone, computer, T.V., radio, video game, or anything electronic.  I would communicate via letter.  (Imagine that.)  I would simplify my life.  Maybe I would even eliminate driving a car…although I might need to get to school or work, but I could just ride my bike more maybe.

I really want to do this.  Perhaps I should wait until school finishes, and perhaps I should not.

I guess it is all up to me.  I love being in complete control for something like this.